Why you should hire The DESK:

  • Advanced in Adobe Indesign and proficient in Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, Quark, and Office programs
  • Reasonable rates and willingness to work within your budget
  • Over sixteen years of freelance experience in book interior design and typesetting: layout, styles setup, and production; as well as learning and implementing clients’ various processes
  • Years of work for, and alongside, industry-leading book cover/graphic designers
  • Extensive knowledge of entire book publishing process
  • Served and coached self-publishing clients through all aspects of producing a product
  • Continual education in design, publishing, and industry standards
  • Strong administrative and account managing background, experience in customer service and over twenty years in the book publishing industry
To Know

The DESK exists because we are the kind of people that begrudgingly cannot help but notice the skewed picture frame or forgotten crumb in the sink or smudge in the corner of the windshield. You know those people who drive others crazy because of little insignificant minuté?

Thankfully for us, as “those kinds of people,” we can exist in the world of design where our attention and vigilance is welcomed and valued. In a way, this is our outlet. This is who we are and what we love to do.