Who is The D.E.S.K.?

Katherine Lloyd has been working in the book publishing industry since 1997. She began as administrator for the VP of Marketing at Multnomah Publishers and then transitioned into a position at an industry-leading graphic design firm where she enjoyed four years learning from the best of the best. After realizing the strength of the skills she had absorbed, she began freelancing as The DESK in 2002 and hasn’t looked back. Katherine has designed and typeset hundreds of book interiors as well as assisted with design and production of book covers, catalogs, brochures and proposals for a wide variety of publishers. She has also coached and supported many self-publishing authors through the process of creating a professional book.

Katherine has four sons, three daughter-in-laws, and four incredible grandkids. Her other passions include organizing and editing—both words and life—reading historical and literary fiction, writing poetry and prose, singing and traveling (usually to be near an ocean). Family and friend connections are always at the top of her list.

To Know

Whats in the name?

When I started my freelance business it became clear that most of the people I’d work with were design directors and editors. With that in mind, we came up with The D.E.S.K as my business name: Design and Editorial Support by Katherine.


I’ve always loved throw-backs… Kirk DouPonce of DogEarred Design came up with the antique typewriter idea, took the photo of a colleague’s actual old typewriter, and then created my identity (back in 1997). It still works today as it reflects my simple approach: strive to make each client and project individually important, focus on good old-fashioned customer service and support, and always keep learning.

Adam Hillis has  worked part-time for The DESK since 2007. He learns quickly and has assisted with projects from proofing to basic typesetting. He is also indispensable for marketing, internet, and technical support. Adam’s full-time job is to manage personalities, work loads, practical jokes, and stress levels as an office administrator for a large church in the Portland area. He also oversees the church’s database management system and says his twelve-plus years there has turned him into a multi-tasking, organizational guru. Coupled with his love for human interaction and all things digital, Adam is a valuable asset for The DESK’s continued success.

Adam and his wife, Lisa, have three children, Asher, Abel, and Azilee.