What The DESK can do for you…

The DESK will quickly learn and apply your methods, styles, and in house processes to…

    • Design a book interior template to coordinate with provided cover design

    • Set up master pages, styles, tags, etc.

    • Typeset said book interior  (non-fiction, fiction, devotional, study guide, reference book, Bible…)  with
        call outs, images, graphs, charts, footnotes, endnotes, appendices, and/or indexes

     • Input corrections/edits with accuracy and speed, returning updated PDFs through all rounds of editorial

    • Respond with integrity, comprehension, and timeliness

    • Convert the book interior to ebook formats


The DESK can also…

    •  Typeset using a previous or provided template to save resources

    •  Help with a rush project and work overtime to get it done

    •  Enter corrections into your documents

    •  Re-type, transcribe, scan, and/or organize hard copies in cases of missing original files

The DESK will :

    • Create master pages, set up all the styles, lay out the text and format everything—including tables,
        graphs, call outs, place images . . .

    • Input corrections: second round, third round, until it’s ready for your client

    • Typeset all or part of those long complex books or documents using your design

    • Apply and monitor client styles and procedures


                 … all, so you can just design.

We can maximize your strengths. Our  skills are in the details: organize the pieces, lay out and style correctly, typeset, insert corrections, and hand off a complete interior package. You get to do what you do best and we get to do what we do best; the client gets the best of both.

If you’re a self-publisher, The DESK will facilitate your book publishing experience in any way you need, including the following:

    • Design a book interior to coordinate with your cover design

    • Create your book in ebook formats

    • Cover designs at a reasonable price. We especially love creating the cover you’ve already envisioned!

The DESK will:

    • Typeset your book interior at a fair per-page rate

    • Input your corrections with accuracy and speed

    • Respond to any request or question with integrity and timeliness

    • Provide complete and print-ready files that can be presented with pride in the
        professional publishing industry

The DESK can also:

    • Provide referrals for editors, copy editors, other professional cover designers, and printers

    • Help with copyright information, ISBN number, bar code, and library of congress procedures

    • Organize and style a book or document

    • Look over your book or document for missing or misplaced elements

To Know

The DESK understands terms like:

parsing, style tags, first pages, final proofs, off-press, vanity publishing,  page count, trim size, bleeds, page signature, ISBN number, library of congress info, cip page, cross-promos, substantive editing, copy edit, twinning, gutters, managing editor, branding standards


To Know

The DESK owns and uses The Chicago Manual of Style

To Know

The DESK is an extra set of eyes. We catch goofs others miss.

To Know

The DESK reads and speaks copy edit language!